Monday, May 27, 2019


Development of German and Swiss Data

Seekpoint is currently updating and expanding information about Swiss and German grants and scholarships. 

  Finland to be launched

Our scholarship search service will shortly be launched in Finland. 

  Estonian scholarship

search service  launched.

Our scholarship search service is now launched in Estonia. 

New categories of data

More and more people are interested in financing study and research in the USA and Canada. Seekpoint is currently catogorizing and evaluating a vast number of such schoplarships and grants - most notably within the field of sports.


Improved search engine features

We are currently reengineering our search logic to further improve our ability to help you find exactly what you are looking for. By expanding the number of search parameters we can offer possibilities to search within new categories such as sports, entrepreneurship and EU funding.





Seekpoint AB is specialized in maintaining and developing services based on information about scholarships, grants and other similar sources of funding. The company was founded in 1993 in Malmo, Sweden. The original idea was to develop a database with scholarships available to Swedish students. Over the years the services have expanded to new target categories and new countries.


The company now maintains and develops some of the largest databases in the world with this category of data. Web sites based on this data are operated
locally in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, DenmarkNorway and Estonia.


Seekpoint further offers web services which enble internet portals and other systems to access the company's databases.


Finally Seekpoint works with publishing and  general consultancy within the field of scholarships and grants.


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